14 habits of charismatic people. How to become a person on the "million-dollar"?

Many people are desperate state: « I - not the gold piece that everyone likes! Em>» course, will not please everyone. But to be a charismatic personality - it's great. People with charisma easily reach their goals, because the surrounding are trying hard to help them.

unqualified people's trust and unconditional faith in the unlimited possibilities of a man surprised. How to achieve this effect? How to be charismatic? Previously it was believed that charisma - an innate quality, and if you are not given so influence people, alas, you're in flight.

Napoleon Hill, author of "Think and Grow Rich" debunked this myth. He assures that be a nice, nice person to work with very easily. He collected signs "of the individual in a million dollars" to help any closer to the ideal of a charismatic person. Yes, this statement is quite intriguing. What do I need to acquire charisma? Here are his recommendations, which are quite easy to put into practice.

1. think positively Positive thinking attracts people, while cynicism - repellent. Reputation positive minded person will do you a hand.

2. Speak confidently Tone of voice successful people are always friendly, they say, consciously and clearly. The communicative relationship is so important in human relations.

3. Give your attention. companion Listen carefully, and you will be subdued. It operates smoothly.

4. Whether it is cool Maintain composure in any situation. Excessive emotions, whether positive or negative emotion repels people.

5. Patience and again patience. Patient people achieve much better results.

6. There are no prejudices. Do not build yourself a cell of the limitations and stereotypes - it interferes with personal growth, limited progress on the career ladder and is not conducive to close contact with others. Be open to something new.

7. Smile. A smile does not cost anything, and does a lot to enhance communication and mutual understanding. President Roosevelt was known for his smile, which had such power that forced him to abandon the interlocutors bodyguard.

8. Be polite. Not all ideas have to say out loud. Sometimes it is silent about what might somehow offend the interlocutor and to make him uncomfortable.

9. Do not delay. key to effective - every day to do a little action on the way to its goal.

10. Do good. One good thing to do in a day is not too difficult. But, believe me, the results of these cases will return to you a hundredfold. People know how to be grateful.

11. The defeat - a life lesson. and not otherwise. Think not about why you did not work, and Endure a lesson from any trouble.

12. Give the other person feel its importance Let this person thinks that it is important for you. This automatically means that you will become important to him.

13. praised and encouraged sincerely I praise more than gold, but it must be accurate and conform to human merit. No hypocrisy.

14. continues to evolve. Nice, exceptional people - the same people. We all have our weaknesses. Always have a number of the person to whom you trust and who can honestly tell you about your shortcomings and blunders. So you will just get better!

A charismatic leader with equal success can be a saint, and the offender. Jesus and Hitler - a vivid example of people with charisma, but how different their life paths. These rules will help you influence people and becomes successful, .cc sincerely wish you prosperity and asks to use this knowledge to good use.

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