13 sites that will save you from boredom. Are you ready for an unusual entertainment?

No time to lose heart! This is a fascinating selection of sites for those who want to relax. As a way of relaxation of these pages is completely paid off, they divert attention from pressing issues and give a sense of simple children's entertainment. .cc I advise you to keep these sites on the safe side, they really banish boredom away, comfort and a source of positive emotions. Some might call them "time killer", but it all depends on who is using these wonderful pages. Use of health and mind these lovely treats virtual sources.

Do you like to pop the bubbles?
As a child, it was my favorite pastime. Find packages from anything - and passionately to burst bubbles, produces a characteristic sound, and are pleasant to the touch. As long as the computer can not give you tactile sensations, but the sound and the picture - perfect.
➜ mariemarie0000.free.fr/fichiers/images/pop.swf

Draw your own cartoon.
Create your own cartoon creation - simple with this website. Feel like a real creator! You will easily be able to share with his own animated film made with friends and see what other users. Success!
➜ multator.ru

Make a wish, despite the falling star.
Dreams Come True! This confident creators of the site, calling every week and come to think their heart's desire. Painted clouds, stars and imagination - that's all you need to make a wish. Surprisingly, pressing the plump star, you see to not only for the way it falls, and the change of their own state - this site still gives hope that all of what you dream will come true.
➜ wishpush.com

Pranks water.
Very soothing site. Water takes away all negativity, and even water with a virtually performed successfully performs this function. You can change the camera angle, lighting and somehow leave ripples mouse relaksiruya. If you include the appropriate Muzychko be even steeper.
➜ madebyevan.com/webgl-water

Turn your name to the face.
A good reason to smile.
Write your name and see the funny picture, attractive face, painted pixels. You can write the different names of people important to you and have fun.
➜ turnyournameintoaface.com

Throw the ball as boring issue.
Simple but very nice animation, you can drive across the screen and the cursor on the screen to throw colored balls of different sizes. I liked the color of toys, and the ability to throw balls moving all screen space.
➜ mrdoob.com/projects/chromeeperiments/ball-pool

Visit the rainy foreign cafes.
The sound of rain, noisy voices are woven into a cafe - amazing sounds. The sound of rain is very beneficial effect on the nervous system, it can be switched separately from the background of cafe. I think it's an interesting idea. It is a pity that the café-sound foreign. It would be interesting to listen to our domestic counterpart, however, he would not be so soothing ...
➜ rainycafe.com

neon vortex of their own hands.
On this page you will be able to create fantastic decorative pictures. Eight colors and different settings will help you make a masterpiece in a few minutes. Fascinating!
➜ 29a.ch/sandbo/2011/neonflames

Plunge into the matrix.
Remember the typical green text, so often appearing in the movie "The Matrix"? Oh, I feel a hacker - that's not a problem with this applets. It will turn any written text into you code. Programming attracts everyone, even those who have no idea what it is. This is the secret popularity of this page.
➜ hackertyper.com

Do nothing for 2 minutes.
Just look at the screen and do not click on - that's the idea of ​​this site. Just relax and listen to the waves, write the creators. Sometimes you want to stay ...
➜ donothingfor2minutes.com

Draw unusual hourglass figures.
A well-designed site, which with the help of sand can create a beautiful and nothing on similar picture. Another entertaining risovalka, but what you need to work with sand - impressive and addictive. After drawing in the sand need to "pour»!
➜ thisissand.com

Pop impunity door.
Nothing special - you can just open and close the door painted. But when you're angry, it can help a lot.
➜ biglongnow.com

Click on the saving button.
Made by a very simple, but a deep philosophical meaning it carries in itself. "Make it so good" can be considered a conditional button, clicking that, you change your perception of reality and see the event in the best light. The optimism of the masses!
➜ button.dekel.ru

Let your life will always be time for simple entertainment. Tell your friends about this article banishes boredom.

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