Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce about Russia

"I do not have time to even finish the 20th century, both in the USSR comes the collapse of communism, but Russia, freed from communism not waiting for progress, and very difficult crisis, however, after 2010 the former Soviet Union will be reborn, but reborn in a new form. It will be headed by Russian rebuild civilization earth, and the center of this revival around the world will be Siberia. Through Russia to the rest of the world comes the hope of a lasting and just peace.
Everyone will live for the sake of his neighbor, and this principle of life was born precisely in Russia, but before it crystallizes, many years will pass, but it will give Russia the world that hope. The new leader of Russia for many years to be unknown, but one day, suddenly enters into power through the power of their new brand of unique technologies that are more, no one is to oppose him. And then he will take all the Russian supreme power in their hands and no one can resist him ... "


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