Androgynous fashion

American Casey Legler tends to look masculine, is the only woman serving as a male model.
In addition to this hobby, Legler it draws.
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Already in the 13 years Casey rose to 160 centimeters. It is professionally engaged in swimming and advocated for their home country - France. At age 18, she performed at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, where Legler well remember that swam with a bald head.

A career in the modeling industry, as it happens all the time, began quite by accident.

Last summer a friend of Casey photographer Cass Bird invited her to participate in photography for the magazine Muse in the likeness of men. Pictures were specialists agency Ford Models, and the next day Legler invited to discuss the terms of the contract, under which it will work as a male model.

"I think this is one of the most unique moments of modern fashion, - says the girl, male model in an interview with Time. - As far as I know, has not yet been girls, acts only as male models. I think this contract - the best thing that could happen in my life. Previously, my fantasy is only enough to imagine a happy life as a peaceful afternoon with a book by the pool ยป.

"I understand specialists modeling agency. We are all social creatures that use body language to communicate. But it would be really nice if we could wear whatever we want, without fear of what signal feeds our clothes around. But all I want - is to remain a "- says Casey.



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