Beauty that is beyond the scope of any 9 successful models with very irregular appearance.

Is there any single criterion by which one could determine exactly handsome man or not? Fortunately, such a criterion, and the more common, no. Who are we to judge a man by the society imposed on us a false standard, from the body and growth, ending the style of clothing. I want to show you the beauty that is not subject to any general social standards. 9 All these imperfect women turned away his pronounced deficiencies in the very real virtues, inspiring others to love your body and feel comfortable in it.

Brunetti Moffitt - cross-eyed model

Brunetti Moffitt - successful cross-eyed model, working in a prestigious modeling agency, which gave the green light to such well-known models like Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford and Cara Cara Delevingne. Moff - a real discovery in the world of fashion, she was able to turn his disadvantage into a beautiful, distinguishing it from other flavor.

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Jacky O'Shaughnessy - older model

Jacky O'Shaughnessy never worked as a model, but it has not stopped her at age 62 to become an actress and award-winning work for the famous brand. Moreover, this elegant woman became the face of the line of lingerie, proving once again that beauty has no boundaries, even if they age.

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Katya Zharkova - model "size plus»

In his 33 years Katya Zharkova still remains one of the most successful models of "plus size" in Russia and abroad. She has worked with such well-known brands like Forever 21 and Silver Jeans. Also, this famous lady was the first model with a curvy shape that appeared in the pages of the Russian edition of the magazine Cosmopolitan.

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Melanie Gajdos - Model inappropriate in any canons of beauty

Melanie - model is radically different from other appearance. But this brave girl found the strength and confidence that despite the criticism of others, to become a successful model. Gajdos suffers from a rare genetic disease - ectodermal dysplasia. Faced with multiple failures in life, this girl can finally say with confidence that feels great in your imperfect body.

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Diandra Forrest - African-American model albino

Given that this model - African-American, it boasts noble pale complexion. Like many people of non-standard appearance, Diandra had to face ridicule from peers when she was still a child. But soon, when she grew up, she became the first albino model, which was lucky to sign a contract with one of the largest modeling agencies in the world. Now, she works with such well-known brands like MAC, Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood, as well as actively fighting discrimination against albinos.

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Chantelle Brown Young - a model in violation of skin pigmentation

Vinnie Harlow, or as it is called, Chantel Browne-Young, from the very childhood, suffers from a rare skin disorder known as vitiligo. It is a violation of skin pigmentation, which is expressed in the disappearance of the pigment melanin in some areas of the skin, creating a so-called "multi-colored effect." Chantel acknowledged that she had to endure a lot of abuse and ridicule from others, but it is only helped her to rise above, begin to appreciate and love their difference.

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Jillian Mercado - a model in a wheelchair

Maybe, Gillian and can not walk around on the catwalk, like all of the long-legged model, but without a doubt we can say that this girl - amazing and extraordinary personality with a very brave heart. Mercado is suffering from a severe physical disease called spastic muscular dystrophy, but it did not stop the girl to walk confidently to his truly admirable achievement. This successful woman graduated from the Institute of Fashion Technology in New York, was an intern at the renowned magazine Allure, worked with Diesel, and now works as editorial director of the online magazine of fashion and art «We the Urban».

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Andrea Pejic - transsexual model

Believe it or not, but Andrea - it's really Andrew. Pejic was originally known as the androgynous model and has worked for both men and for women's magazines. But this year, he made a sex change operation and is now rightfully can call himself Andrea.

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Viktoria Modesta - legged model

Victoria Modest Moskalova - British singer, songwriter and alternative model, was born in Latvia. All childhood she had to be busy for the hospitals, because she was born with a sore foot. So at age 19 she decided to amputate the injured leg at birth and to establish a prosthesis This is absolutely crucial decision had no impact on her career as a model. Victoria herself jokingly calls himself "bionic woman" proves that even with one leg you can kick ass any.

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These brave women were not afraid to go against the social stereotypes of beauty standards. This persistence has helped make it a successful modeling career. They proved that beauty can not be put in any frame and that beauty - it is something more than a perfect appearance. All they did highlight his weaknesses. Do not be afraid to throw a challenge to the social fabric, as they did all those beautiful girls. Tell us about these inspiring examples of non-standard appearance and a successful modeling career to your friends.

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