The most difficult tongue twister for those who want to speak correctly. This easy to learn!

Tongue twisters - the perfect exercise for those who want to improve their diction. Demosthenes, who loved to go to the beach and talk aloud with stones in the mouth - of course, the hero. But to make such extravagant acts as amended for the diction is not necessary, as it turned out. One need only utter the phrase quickly with a set of sounds that are difficult pronounced. Little effort - and you will speak more clearly, more and more confident, your vocal apparatus becomes obedient. No more embarrassment with pronunciation! Train enjoying interesting tongue-twisters. And if you're still kids and connected to this lesson - it will simply unspeakable fun.

Speak, do not hesitate to what you say. After all, people usually inarticulate just insecure and their own words. To your words sounded exactly can a little bite her lips in front of an important conversation - this will increase the blood flow to them, resulting in improved pronunciation. Also problematic sounds are easier to be given to you if you're a little teeth on the occasion of the language.

Eloquence is available to everyone the main thing - to want to! Be confident speaker and is always responsible for his words. Tell your friends about this amusing patter, such information is surely someone will help.

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