In no case do not throw away your old wheels! What one can do - simply ingenious ...

CDs are starting to slowly go out of fashion. Now we can afford to download music directly from the store to your phone or throw a movie that I would like to see on a flash drive, memory which is much more than the memory of the drive. If you have lying around the house a few dozen CDs, do not rush to throw them away, you can even give them a second life. See what you can turn unwanted discs!

1. The ornament on the Christmas decorations

2. Coffee table

3. Holders of glasses

4. Clocks

5. Beautiful pot houseplant

6. The original plate

7. Decoration Wall

8. Mirror

9. Door

10. The original Christmas tree

11. Photo frame

12. Pendant

I never would have thought that some of these things are decorated with CDs because they look really great. It is difficult even to choose, what would it do with your old drive.

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