20 amazing tricks for parents. Make life easier for yourself and your little miracle!

Being a parent - it is very hard work, the most difficult job in the world. You need a few pairs of hands and more than 24 hours a day. You constantly need to fight for a clean and tidy house. To make life easier for you and your child, there are a few tricks. You do not even have to run to the store. Your children will thank you for these 22 tricks.

How to make the unloved child to eat food.

If your children confuse right and left shoes, cut the sticker and stick it inside the shoe.

Cut the shampoo bottle from the baby to be easier to reach the water.

Buy or contact a hat that the child does not want to remove.

Make a hammock from a blanket.

From the old cribs can make such an original table.

To prevent children from falling out of bed, put a sheet Aquasticks or wring the blanket roll.

Old box of discs can be used to store pencils and paper.

Dispensers for soap can be filled with water balloons.

Make a stop to a child it was clear how much to tear the paper.

If your child suddenly lost, you can easily find if you make a bracelet with his phone number.

To the ice cream does not drip, use the plastic cover from the glass.

Bind up the gum so that the child does not stay locked up.

Cover the playpen sheets to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes and that it is not overheated.

Circle the leg of the child's marker, and you can buy him shoes, not dragging him along shopping.

Let the child takes a bath in the laundry basket, then his toy is not float away.

Make a "weapon" of monsters, if your child is afraid of them.

Use Aquasticks that the baby is not currently fingers pinched.

The child does not obolet and not get out of the glass tube when the decorative tube inserted upside down.

Do it on the dresser shelves such that the child was a place where to put his comic books and magazines.

Make cleaning the house game.

The trick for lazy parents.

With these tricks raising your kid will be fun fun. He liked these tricks, and he was happy to tell you thank you for them. Be sure to tell them to their friends who have kids!

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