She's just a loaf of bread moistened with plain water ... and achieved amazing results!

If you bought more grain than was necessary for the whole family, the remains implacably zacherstveyut - so wonderful, fresh, lush baguette the next day will be as hard as stone. Especially if you store it properly - left exposed. This video will show you how to return the stale bread of life. Extremely well this method, when the house did not have any bread but stale and go to the store for some reason fails. Look how this woman has solved the problem of stale bread! A very easy way, which returns any fresh bakery products.

Now you know what to do with stale loaf! You just moisten the stale bread, wrap in foil and set aside for a while. To the bread purchased splendor, in a couple of hours, place it in a preheated oven for five minutes. He steam and will look and taste of freshly baked bread! It is unrealistic to cool.

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