You dream to live to a ripe old age? Then, without these secrets of longevity you just do not get along!

The sooner you start practicing these habits, the more you live! And it is important not only that the implementation of these rules will give you longevity. The main thing - you can feel healthy, flourishing and full of energy until the very last day of his life. Read about what you need to do every day to ensure that your youth was eternal.

1. Be active.
The more you walk, run, swim, the better your health. To preserve its activity - it means to prolong youth. Dig potatoes once a year is great, but much better for your health - a daily exercise regime. Learn to enjoy physical activity.

2. Often get up.
Continuing the theme of physical activity I want to remind you that we must wake up often. Just occasionally get up from their seats during operation. This will prolong your life for years - will work better heart, spine is straighter. Blood circulation in the brain is also more active, which prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease.

5. Eat nuts.
Eating nuts prolongs life! That is nuts contain valuable substances that help the body to be saved from heart disease and diabetes. So eat nuts: they are tasty and useful.

6. Eat sushi.
Sushi lovers rejoice: this is a very healthy food, without a doubt. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are abundantly present in the land, substantially prolong life.

7. Eat dark chocolate.
Dark chocolate is very good for the heart. I eat it twice a week, and you will strengthen the heart muscle.

8. Drink green tea.
Antioxidants, which are contained in green tea, not only protect from infection, but also prolong the life of. Drink more green tea - because you cleanse the body of toxins and help him to resist various diseases.

9. Be happy.
Think of life as a fascinating game. Emotional harmony and balance - that is guaranteed to prolong your life and keep you sane until the last days.

The secret of longevity - start taking care of himself in his youth. Tell everyone about these councils, buyout can prolong life for years, think about your loved ones.

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