Breathing exercises as a way to quit smoking. Get rid finally of an addiction!

Smoking - a very nasty habit and few people could easily overcome it. But there is one good way to help you quit smoking. We suggest you try the special breathing exercises, which helps to train the respiratory system and clear them from the adverse effects of smoking.

Exercise 1

When you feel a strong desire to smoke, go out into the fresh air. Be straight. Relax. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for 2-5 seconds. Then exhale slowly. At the end of exhalation hold your breath at the same time. Repeat this exercise 10 times. Your brain is sated with oxygen and you feel a little dizzy. You go away for a long time the desire to smoke.

Exercise 2

It should slowly inhale air through your nose and exhale it a little faster through the mouth. In carrying out this exercise, gradually increase the pace. In one cycle, do 30 breaths. After each cycle a rest for about 1 minute. To get a good result, it is necessary to repeat the 5-6 cycles. Doing exercises every time you want to smoke.

Exercise 3

Stand or sit up straight. Relax. On the first breath filled the air with the lower part of the lungs, abdomen while bulges forward. This is followed by lifting of the chest - from the bottom to the top. According to the body as it passes the "wave." In order for it to be natural, the spine should be kept straight. Then, as you exhale, "wave" takes place in the opposite direction: first falls and almost pulled into the stomach, and then - chest. Try being in a starting position, to do this several times: 4 accounts - a slow deep breath in through your nose, counting to 4 - slow deep breath in through your nose, counting again on 4 - breath and accounts for 4 - exhale ...

The benefits of this breathing verified thousands of years of practice. Easily obtain the necessary amount of oxygen in the chest is reduced innervation of the right side terminations of the nervous system and organs of the abdominal cavity of systematic lightweight receive massage thanks to the strong and rhythmic movements of the diaphragm.

Do these exercises every time you want to make a smoke. So you can not just get rid of this bad habit, but will train the respiratory system and clear their lungs.

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