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Although any film - is the amount of work of many people, it is the director's shoulders bear the brunt of the problem and mainly in his address at a failure flying accusations from critics and audiences. In this case, the person themselves demiurges generally known to the public is much worse than the appearance of actors. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule and: someone like Woody Allen, do not miss the opportunity to shine on the big screen, and someone held as a director, having already impressive list of acting work (as Clint Eastwood or Robert Redford). But more common is the appearance of a director in the role of tertiary or did neskolkosekundnom cameo - as in his film, as well as anyone else. Then - several such examples.

The great and terrible Steven Spielberg (who this week turned 62 years) despite the fact that is behind the creation of more than one dozen films in person in the movie appeared only 8 times (plus once in "quality" voice). In melodrama "Vanilla Sky", he acted as the guest of honor, passing hug with Tom Cruise:

His friend and colleague George Lucas is also a rare visitor to the actors' lists; for example, in "Beverly Hills Cop III" him - the fault of Eddie Murphy - never had the chance to ride on the Ferris wheel:

In the same "Beverly Hills Cop III" you can see the director Joe Dante - he accompanies Murphy from his prison cell:

The same Dante in the same year was marked in the parody "The Silence of the Hams" - this time in the company of director John Carpenter:

Martin Scorsese often appears in his own films occasionally, but he had a chance to play and quite a significant role - in "Quiz Show" Robert Redford:


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