How to look like the famous children starring in advertising today

Almost everyone knows how to look like children with wrappers "Kinder chocolate" and "Alenka" tiles. But these children are long since grown up and could not be changed beyond recognition! < Website offers a glimpse of how stellar kids from advertising look in our time.

1. Chocolate "Alenka" This rosy-cheeked little girl, perhaps the most recognizable of all the "sweet" brands. In fact, all your favorite Alenka name Lena and photos made by her father more in 1962. On the cover of the magazine "Health" Picture migrated to the packaging of the beloved chocolate.

2. Hershey KolaRyzhy kid-bespredelschik from Hershey Cola advertising is not really Vovochka Sidorov and Alexander Loye. As a child, he often appeared in "Jumble". Matured - Schepkinskoe graduated college and began acting in movies and TV series


3. KinderS Kinder chocolate wrap for 36 years smiling little German boy Günter Euringer. On the shooting of his mother led him, advertiser. Now Gunter has 49 years, he works as a cameraman. He also managed to write his biography titled "Chocolate boy».

4. New KinderGyunter Oyringer - is not the only boy-Kinder. Meet another face of the brand - Josh Bateson. He is 21 and he is Instagram, which recently posted selfie and packaging.

5. Batonchik "feint" Remember advertising chocolate bar "feint", which sounded such a dialogue:

- Sveta, and what you prefer boys? Tёmnenkie or svetlenkie?
- She, like svetlenkie ...
! - Well no. Tёmnenkie. I ... I know for sure.

So, one of the boys grew up and became a famous actor Vyacheslav Manucharov, and the second - even more popular. This is Andrew Chadov.


6. Juice "My Family" charismatic girl from advertising juice "My Family" remembered all the spectators phrase "You pour and go away." Diana Shpak after success in advertising appeared in several television series and movies.

7. LEGOIzdanie Huffington Post has found a girl starring in Lego advertising in 1981. 37-year-old "girl" Rachel Giordano became a doctor. She gladly responded to the request to re-create the publication surveyed 1981 and photographed for an article with a modern toy.

8. Juice "Juicy" The funny commercials Belarusian juice "Juicy" appeared five years Vlad Denyakins. Now the boy is already 9 years old, and he claimed the actor - starred in "My Love" film, "Strong weak woman", Russian serial

"one-woman man."



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