He just picked up a mirror and LED strip. What happened has led to the delight of all!

This is the most amazing sight I've seen in recent times. The guy who came up with the unusual idea to decorate the walls in the house - a genius. Create incredible mirror effect optical illusion. It will take you some time, but the result is worth it. It is unlikely that someone of your friends have at home something like that. Believe me, they just be jealous.

You will need:

mirror; a picture frame; glass; LED strip; film for tinting windows; scissors; Saw; bottle with soapy water; glue; Scotch. Get the first glass of the picture frame and place it on film for tinting windows. Cut a piece of the film, which will be the size of a little more than glass.

Then glue the three angles of the film tape to the table. Slowly remove the top layer of the film, starting with a free angle. In the place where there was a layer of film shot, squirting soapy water.

Drizzle on the glass with soapy water, and lay the film. With the help of a plastic card to smooth the surface of the smooth state. Leave for a few hours to dried up. Now carefully cut off the unnecessary edges.

Glass with the film was then placed in a picture frame, tinted side up. In one corner you need to saw a small hole, so you can navigate through the power cable LED strip.

To the inside of the frame Glue LED strip. Power cable Thrust out.

then install the mirror and glue residue unnecessary LED strip on its reverse side.

When you connect the cable, it will look like this.

It seems that the depth of this mirror is infinite.

You can hang a mirror in his living room. It looks like a window into another dimension.

More detailed guidance on the production you can see in the video.

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