Olive oil for cleansing the liver: a simple recipe, but effective results.

Today .cc has prepared for you a prescription medication that helps cleanse the liver. If the procedure described below, carried out daily, the effect can be felt in about a month. And improved health will begin next week.

All you need - every day on an empty stomach to drink 1-2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, mixed with the juice of half a lemon.

What effect has this mix?

This medicine activates the release of bile than stimulate bowel movements. The bile ducts of the liver flush all that helps rid the body of harmful substances. It also breaks down fats and pulls toxins from the body.

Which oil to choose?

It would be the best olive oil, as it is the best way to cleanse the liver. A further lowers cholesterol, cleans the vascular walls of plaques, prevents cardiovascular diseases. You can replace it with sunflower (treats thrombophlebitis), linseed (helps splitting of saturated fat, and thus promotes weight loss), corn (helps to keep youth) or canola (in quality approaching the olive, but is much cheaper).

How to choose the juice?

The second component of the proposed drug - lemon juice. It stimulates the release of bile, as well as all products with a strong sour taste. It has a favorable effect on the respiratory tract and lungs, prevents colds, strengthens the immune system. And dissolve sand and stones in the urinary tract and improves the functioning of the joints. You can replace it with cranberry juice (has a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect, tones the body, increases its power) and grapefruit (improves digestion, lowers high blood pressure, helps the heart, blood vessels, has a choleretic effect).


Taking this medicine every day, you improve the performance of your digestive tract, your skin is clean, fresh breath.

Our liver - is a factory of blood. If it is clear, then, produced by her blood will also be clean. Power cells, organs and systems of the body will be full, they will work flawlessly. Increase joint flexibility, improve heart and you will have more strength.

This mixture can be taken even a lifetime, but in any case it is impossible to increase the dosage. Try to imagine this method of cleansing the liver, and you will see a very good result!

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