The feeding of patients around the world: 16 different hospital food from different countries.

Nobody likes hospitals, because they are all associated with the disease. The atmosphere and furnishings in these institutions still overwhelmingly affects a person. A hospital food - it's all the horror. In general, patients with a good incentive to quickly recover and be discharged. But not all countries of the world hospital food so disgusting as the former Soviet Union. Therefore, .cc done for you an interesting selection of dishes that are served in hospitals around the world. Watch and be amazed!

1. Richmond, Canada

2. Dubai, UAE

3. Tokyo, Japan

4. Sydney, Australia

5. Germany

6. Malvern, Australia

7. Malaysia

8. Estonia

9. Paris, France

10. Massachusetts, USA

11. Jakarta, Indonesia

12. New York, USA

13. Norway

14. China

15. UK

16. Poland

You can draw only one conclusion - the world approach the hospital dinners in different ways. The sight of one begins nauseated, while others cause appetite.

If you were interested to learn about the hospital dinners in different countries tell them to friends!

via takprosto cc


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