16 unusual ways to use aluminum foil. Make your life easier!

Aluminum foil has long been a part of our daily life. It is used not only for cooking or wrapping food, but also for many other purposes. We offer you 16 ways to find unusual use of aluminum foil, that will make your life easier. Many of them will be a real discovery for you.

1. Moving furniture
If you need to move heavy furniture, then put a foot thick layer of foil. This method will help you move furniture much easier.

2. Unsuitable batteries? No problem!
The foil is able to conduct electricity. If there is no specific AA batteries can be used instead of them smaller, while taking advantage of the foil, as in the photo.

3. Increasing the temperature of the room
If the room is cold, the temperature increase will help special reflective thermal panels placed behind the battery.

4. Soft edges of the pie
If you do not want to get too in baking hard and dry the edges of the cake, then wrap them in foil before placing the dish in the oven. Edges remain surprisingly mild.

5. Refresh bread or pizza
To freshen stale bread pizza or wrap in foil product, previously sprinkled with a few drops of water and place in preheated oven for five minutes. In the same way it is possible to heat and other products, brushing sheet of foil with oil.

6. Cleaning Silver
If silverware are black, they can be easily cleaned with aluminum foil. Put in a pan aluminum foil zaley it with cold water and add two teaspoons of salt. Hold the silver in the solution for 15-20 minutes, and then just wipe them dry.

7. Funnel two seconds
Aluminum foil rolled into a cone shape fit for the use as a funnel.

8. Cleaning utensils
Clear pan grease and fumes can be crumpled piece using aluminum foil as a sponge. Do not use this method for cookware with Teflon coating.

9. Beautiful manicure
With the help of the foil can be a wonderful manicure. The cut nails clear varnish, and attach them to the foil. Wait a little, and then gently, but jerked Remove the foil. Covered with fixative.

10. For the dryer
Roll up the foil ball and put it in the dryer. This will prevent the formation of static electricity on clothes.

11. Sharpening scissors
Fold the piece of foil several times and cut it with scissors. They will again become acute.

12. Valet things
Use foil to iron delicate fabrics. Put foil on the ironing board, and on top of her thing. Turn on the steam setting and keep the iron at a distance of 3 cm above the fabric.

13. Saving "youth" banana
Wrap aluminum foil around the shanks of bananas, and fruit for a long time remain fresh and not spoiled.

14. An indispensable thing in the campaign
Foil protects matchboxes in a campaign against excessive moisture, if you did it zavernesh.

15. Hermetic sealing of plastic bags
For hermetic packaging items in plastic, you can use the iron, which is firmly cook edge of the package. Pre-put a layer of aluminum foil on the package and then ironed.

16. Rust removal
Rub valves and pipes crumpled piece of aluminum foil. This will help to effectively remove the rust.

Who would have thought that the aluminum foil as a panacea. It helps to solve many domestic problems.

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