Foil, smart tips

Cheat in the kitchen: • Baking pies? The corners of the form for baking lay foil, the corners of the pie won't burn ever. • Baked a Turkey, duck, ribs, legs? Tibia of legs (edges of the ribs) in foil. • Don't buy an expensive culinary bag cake decorating cream – make a tube of foil, and forward. And to wash it don't have to! • The baby will not smear ice cream if you make it under bricett "the catcher drops" of foil. • Want to keep your sandwich hot? Place the cloth under a layer of foil. (Attention! Never wrap the sandwiches in foil directly. Some foods cause oxidation of the foil. • The same applies to lemons, grapefruit, pickles, tomatoes, ketchup and other dressings. If it really wants for the life of the foil, first tighten Vasenko, and then you are welcome). • Not to dirty up the oven for its pizzas-lasagnas, podstolice layer or two of foil on the bottom of the grille (on the bottom of the oven is not advised, if you don't need a fire).

• Blunt scissors? Fold the foil into several layers and cut for your pleasure. • Plates gas and electric stoves, (and along with the handle) will protect the foil. Changed, and not a headache to scrub. • The outer bottom of your pots-pans were smoky – safely drite a piece of crumpled foil. • It is the same with iron dirty. • Silverware turned black? Again, it: cover the bottom of the pan with foil, and fold back their silverware, pluknet still there, a couple of tablespoons of salt and cover with cold water. In a few minutes, look at the result. But not to dark so quickly, store in foil. And if you don't keep, and did so use it, then put the bottom of the organizer for forks-spoons foil. In the apartment: • Learn to effectively enhance the heat transfer from the radiator. Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the radiator. Wrap it with the foil shiny side out and place it between the radiator and the wall. Instead of trying to heat the street, "trick" our will to give warmth to the room. • Cats tear up furniture? Wrap their favorite places foil. • Mirror is weird? It does not matter: the shiny side of the foil will disguise mirror with black face elegant zapotocky. • Jewelry are treated so: line a rimmed bottom of the vessel with foil, it'll lay our treasures of boiling water with washing powder (not liquid!). Ion exchange will do the job in a minute. By the way, and silver Cutlery can be the same way. (Although I prefer to clean the jewelry in a different way: will throw in a Cup covered by eye soda and will extinguish it with vinegar for 3-4 hours – so more like diamonds). • Batteries addicted? This is often not the case. Just springs, their hold weakened and do not provide contact. Lay the foil contact.

• Who dyes his hair with glasses, knows how to paint can ruin the frame. Wrap the ears with foil points. Lazily cleaned every time a fireplace? Wood under the stand lay a piece of foil. • Fast Ironing with no problems and wrinkles wrinkles: Ironing Board absorbs much of the heat from the iron. Podstolice under her cover layer of foil. Foil will give back the heat, smoothing out wrinkles. From biting creatures • planting Your melirovannye not insured. They are using mulch agrisource. Suggest to add in a finely chopped mulch strands of foil. • They shall not pass, guys! Ripe cherries in the garden of uncle Vanya? And the birds are God's right there, and burn the largest and most beautiful. Hung against petty thieves tape, foil, wood, and sound awesome in the tips of the ribbons can be wrapped rakushechki. • And after the labors sit down with a coke or Pepsi to cool off, you deserve it. But suddenly zzzzzzzzzzzz! And bees. Cover your Cup with a piece of foil, stick the straw into the foil hole and drink your own drink. And they gram! • Well, tonight, you and stronger, Yes a bit dark in the yard – one lamp illuminates. And we'll have a reflector foil behind it (just do not try to mold the foil to the light bulb!). And finally, for homemade • peel off vinyl tile not in a hurry to replace a new one, although old, covered in dried glue, refuses to cleave. And we are on a piece of foil on top, covered with a cloth and a hot iron will get. Then a couple of books for shipping. • By the way, by Association with the remembered line and sinker: local fishermen, saw the foil strip or Christmas tree "rain" indulge. • Tubes, cans of paint, glues and other drying and evaporating substances cover it using the foil and save.

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