11 practical advice in the selection of their perfume: the point of view of a professional.

The smell of human influence on his perception of other people much more than appearance. Therefore, the choice of perfume should be approached responsibly. Primarily focused not on the fashion brand and advertising, and their own feelings. Choose a fragrance that you will like. We have collected for you 11 Perfume life hacking, with which you will easily find your favorite flavor and will use it correctly.

1. To leave fragrance on clothes, to put it Natela after a shower. Also in this case, moist skin better absorb the smell of perfume.

2. If you want to flavor lasted longer on the skin, pre-applied to the pulsating point, odorless cream or petroleum jelly.

3. apply perfume selectively such pulsating points - wrists, inner crook of the elbow, neck area, behind the ears and between the collarbones.

4. After applying perfume on your skin do not rub and do not rub it, it can change the flavor.

5. If you want to smell the perfume was less sharp by spraying it in the air and stand under the spray.


6. It is better not to spray alcohol-based fragrances on the hair, so they do not dry out. Use special tools.

7. If the smell on the skin feel more than you expected, then use wipes for removing makeup. They are well rinsed superfluous.

8. When choosing a fragrance, apply it on your wrist and wait for it to dried up. In the first minutes of top notes, which evaporate quickly, can affect the perception of flavor.

9. Put on the bottom of the box in a drawer or cabinet tissue paper, sprinkle with her favorite perfume and then the clothes will always be a little smell your favorite scent.

10. To carry a bottle of perfume is constantly soaked them cotton swabs and placed in a bag with zip. Take advantage of sticks, when they need you.

11. In order for the shelf life of spirits has not expired before, keep them in a light, well-ventilated areas. The room where the perfume should not be warm and humid. So do not keep your perfume in the bathroom.

These tips will come in handy for many women who love to use perfume. Share with your friends these useful tricks!

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