Master class: a charming basket with his hands. Stock up newspapers!

Each person must have a favorite thing, during which you can relax not only the body but the soul. Some prefer an active pastime, others - passive. However, all these people, no doubt, can be called happy. In the endless turmoil of days they have learned to make time for hobbies (remember when the last time you wanted to do something for the soul, but "hands did not reach"), are able to relax and get away from the problems, get moral and aesthetic pleasure from favorite activities ... you name it! If you do not have a hobby, look at our master class. Maybe you are interested in this idea and soon turn into a hobby income!
You'll need:

a small box; glue; brush; scissors; pencil; < clothespins; line; thick cardboard; spoke; tubules from newspapers. ul >


1. For starters make tubes. Cut the paper into equal strips width of about 3, 5 cm using scissors or knife stationery.


2. Make as many bars, and you will not be distracted by their production in a wicker basket.


3. With the wrap angle of the spokes of the paper, as shown in the photo.


4. Once the tube is ready, fasten the tip with glue.


5. You can even paint the tubes resulting in different colors.


6. Attach the tube to the cardboard with glue, push clothespins.


7. For the manufacture of the frame need to take 30 tubes. Secure them in the order that you see in the photo.


8. Now stretch one tube through one-sticks and gently whip basket.


9. Take advantage of clothespins again to fix the tube.


10. Secure the problem areas of the adhesive and can easily be painted the resulting basket!


At first glance it seems that creating crafts with their hands very hard. However, it is only to try - and this new occupation is so exciting, that you involuntarily wonder how you could live without it before! If among your friends there are those who love to make crafts with their hands - they will certainly be interested in this article. Create and inspire!

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