Fat in the brine: a recipe that can be assessed only a true lover of this product.

For lovers of delicious and aromatic fat, we prepared a special recipe, which for many years enjoyed the hostess. According to it a dish prepared in the brine, while it is obtained by gentle. Despite the fact that the fat - is one hundred percent fat, moderate their consumption will not harm. Because the final product of this recipe you can make a variety of snacks and sandwiches.

shall cut bacon slices about 5 to 15 cm and lay them vertically in a quart jar. Tightly fill the banks do not have to. It is desirable to put about 600 grams of fat. Season with garlic, black pepper and bay leaf.

We turn to the preparation of brine. Pour water into a saucepan and place over medium heat. The positive to the purified potato. As soon as the water boils, do a slow fire, and put in the water a couple of tablespoons of salt. Murphy must not be at the bottom. To do this periodically luggage salt water until potato rests on the surface. All this time, brine simmer. Once the potato seems out of the water, get it and brine boil another minute. Approximate proportion: 5 cups water 1 cup salt.

Cool the solution, and then zaley it in jars with cooked bacon. Banks close the plastic lid and leave for a day. Then put them in the refrigerator for two weeks.

To say that it is simply delicious - it means nothing to say. After cooking fat can hold several hours in spices and serve thinly sliced. Share with your friends this great recipe!

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