This piece of meat looks very ordinary. But the fact that he was hiding, I'm afraid is not a joke!

transglutaminase em> - a word that is not very much at the hearing. But also about meat glue, I have not heard anything before. Average meat from the store can be very dangerous for your health. The fact that meat producers have come up with a trick that allows them to save a lot of money: in the whole pieces of meat can be issued glued using glue small pieces of meat. Very cleverly, very sparingly, but with the economy of production results in savings of ordinary people's health.

Meat paste occurs from the fermentation of specific bacteria. With the help of scraps of meat creates a single piece appetizing in appearance. Liberally sprinkled with powder pieces of meat are placed in a circular plate - under the influence of glue if they are fused together, swell ... under pressure in the refrigerator overnight for steak becomes familiar shape. Meat, produced in this way is sold in supermarkets in vacuum package, the same method used large restaurants to use cropping to maximum advantage. Transglutaminase is considered a safe food additives, but there is a need to flesh with caution. The fact that the glued piece of meat frying can not fully prepare: you fry it on both sides, as well as being a place of "sizing"? They remain extremely high temperatures and are breeding grounds for dangerous microbes. Watch the video carefully!

Now you'll be able to distinguish between a normal piece of meat from cooked meat with the help of glue. Such meat should be boiled or baked for a couple - otherwise it can harm your health. Ideally, of course, do not have it and buy fresh meat on the market. Share this video with your friends who eat meat!

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