She laid 20 pallets in the garden. The result made me kindly to her envious!

Pallets - a universal thing for lovers of handicrafts. For designers, they are a real treasure. They are used in many of the interiors, as well as changes in the space near the house. For example, using pallets can build your own pool. Today we'll show you how to make a really cool place to relax in the garden. Here you can relax, sunbathe, sit and chat with friends over a cold lemonade.

It looks amazing!

This scheme is very useful. With its help you can calculate how many pallets you need. In our example, the area that can build, is 4 to 6 meters. List of materials:

  • 20 pallets for the floor (100 x 120 cm);
  • 3 tray table (100 x 120 cm);
  • 12 pallets seat (80 x 120 cm);
  • 8 trays for the rear and side wall (100 x 120 cm);
  • 1 pallet for floral arrangements. the angle grinder and sandpaper-treated pallets.

    Then cover them in the desired color using the gun. It is also possible to make the roller, but it will be a little longer. White - the perfect color for summer. It is bright and well combined with other colors.

    Time to relax: let trays dry well!

    As a basis for the recreation area suitable garden fleece. This is done so that rainwater does not accumulate under the pallet.

    Shots first layer of pallets. This will be the floor.

    Then Rds trays back and side walls. Put a cozy corner seating.

    It looks really cool!

    In the photo you can see how to strengthen the walls of the pallet. But you can also just take a hammer and nails.

    Crucified pallets and set them as the photo. Then there will be a place for flowers.

    When all trays will be placed in its proper place, we can put them bright pillows.


    Now this place will become your favorite ...

    When the sun goes down, you can give the romantics using candles and garlands.

    Great place to meet friends.

    If you are full of inspiration, do such a wonderful place to relax in the garden or in the country and you will not regret a drop.

    Share this great idea with your friends. Perhaps they want to build something like that!

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