Denim patchwork blanket. The great thing about handmade!

Quilting, in other words patchwork - not for weak nerves. It is necessary to demonstrate an unprecedented perseverance and patience to get the desired thing! Since ancient times, from the remnants of fabric and unnecessary segments craftsmen create practical, beautiful and durable product. We offer you to try yourself in this technology: make a stylish cover of old jeans. This thing will be relevant in room of a teenager on the kitchen sofa, balcony or even in the living room - denim theme persistently goes out of fashion. At its discretion, you can leave ragged edges or overstitch tailored to the more discreet interior. Several pairs of old jeans you probably stashed away, while they get!

1. First step: calculate the size of the curtain that you want to sew. Standard size - 50 cm to 1 m to 2 m 30 cm. For making will need 60 square patches with side 23 cm. Cut into squares jeans available. Try to make them the same size - not so difficult is their staple.

2. sew the squares with horizontal ribbons, iron the seams. Now ready to sew ribbons to each other. To draw beautiful inside out and hide the seams sewn to the coverlet layer of tissue from another - for example, from syntepon.

3. The process is time consuming work. It is difficult, but still people are taken for this type of work, then to admire and be proud of the beauty, made with his own hands!

Version without frills. Denim can be diluted with squares of other colors.

Bedspread definitely creates ambiance in the interior. It is like a native!

Here's how you can use scraps of denim top, left after cutting into squares pants. Waste-free production! Such a bench at the entrance will be admired by all.

In 1920, Thousand Buddha Caves in China was found a carpet made out of a plurality of pieces of clothes pilgrims. It dates from the IX century! Even then the technique of patchwork was held in high esteem. Throw your friends a brilliant idea to rework jeans - it will appeal to many.

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