This lion has killed a baboon. But what she has done with his cub - amazing!

The story began when two photographers went on a safari in northern Bostvanu. During the trip they saw a lioness that killed a female baboon. What was then struck by photographers.

Photographers understand that a lioness hunting a pack of baboons, but killed only one. Tenants began to wonder. What will happen next, because baboon was killed calf.

When the lion was going to carry a dead baboon cub ran away, wanting to climb a tree.

But he was too weak. Lioness slowly approached the child. Everyone was waiting for the massacre.

To the surprise of all, a lioness showed special interest in the young and start to play with it. These shots amaze with their gentleness.

A baby calmed down and started to play with a predator.

One curiosity about the little baboon showed male. But he received a fitting rebuff to their aggression.

On a nearby tree baboons we sat and watched the situation.

And as soon as an opportunity, one of them snatched a baby with him.

Maternal instinct was stronger than the lioness its predatory nature. Share this dramatic story with others.


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