A day in the life of wildlife

Toddler baboon tried his best to climb a tree, but he was too weak to do so, and therefore failed. Lion slowly began to approach him, and photographers were waiting for the worst. What do you think could happen?

However, to everyone's surprise, the lion began to play softly with a startled baboon, which still clutched next to a tree, a baboon was hurt and shocked ... I'm sure you're wondering what happened next in the story ?!

The two became friends in the blink! Leo, gently nudging the baboon and played with him.

After some time, the baboon began to respond and lay, like a pet on the chest.

Soon the pair approached the other lion, because he thought that the lioness had caught him a good dinner, but she quickly replied aggression and not even allowed to come to the baby.

While on the tree appeared father baby baboon, he looked at the picture of the originating and could not believe that his baby was still alive. As soon as he saw the lioness does not pay attention, he grabbed her baby baboon and moved it to a tree, where he was safe.

This amazing story was captured Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzvart. It's just one day in the life of wildlife, but how many more such stories happen every day?


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