Family kupaetsya peacefully in the lake as the water suddenly appeared something unexpected!

Everything happened like in some horror movie. Mom happily splashing in the water with the kids. Friend shoots video, which then sends to Afghanistan husband of the woman, a little love letter from his family. «I miss you! I love you very much !!! » i> - says the daughter. «And I love you, miss you!» i> - repeats wife. An operator with a grin: «That's all?» I> And suddenly there is something in the water ...

The woman almost loses consciousness when it comes up before her husband out of the water. She could only utter: «You're kidding me?» I> More she could not say anything. Dressed in uniforms, he reports: «Mrs. Ronson, your husband arrives and is ready for duty». I> The first few seconds, she realizes what is happening, and then hugs her man and does not want it anymore go, barely heard the words of her husband: «I did all this way just for you, dear». i>

It's really a huge surprise for the family. They are so happy to see each other that I even shed a tear. Surprise your friends and share with them this beautiful video!


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