He revealed the terrible secret of McDonald's hamburgers. The shocking truth of fast food.

Jamie Oliver - the famous British chef. His social projects are aimed at maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is not surprising that Oliver is a serious fight with the manufacturers of fast food. In this video, Jamie shows from what actually makes hamburgers McDonald's.

«When butchered animal, are pruning. All the pieces that no one needs all the tendons, all the meat, which can not be cut off, that part of the carcass, which contains the intestine. Where does the pruning? At the factory where they make food for dogs, chickens ... That is not for a person. But in America invented the technology on which the scraps from making school lunches », i> - says Oliver.

According to Jamie, the meat waste is treated with ammonia to give them "edible" pink hue. After this discovery, no mother would not allow your child to eat junk food.

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