Children eat at McDonalds (6 pics + 1 video)

The Story of a blogger who saw how mothers feed their children.

I was really shocked when I saw the mummy nursing at McDonalds fries year-old child and maknagetsami. Here she is pictured. Daughter piles of food. Eat baby chicken is delicious, the chicken useful. This is not a children's food! Even bad for me to eat so that really there to talk about the year-old kids. Do you think that will have a child, when he will grow and how much fat will be? Then everyone will say, saying that Americans are fatter one another, although it is absolutely not true. Just among them, too, there are idiots. It is for these mayor bans large portions of soda in a fast-food that they consume less sugar and followed its own weight. Of course, this is a decision on the level of insanity, but if you yourself can not head to think, that is necessary for you to do it to others. Suppose so.

I thought it was an isolated incident, but looked around and saw two other young children eating in the same way. Here's this kid still did not go, but already in full eating potatoes and shouts "Chicken!" To give more nuggets and mother carefully dips his potatoes in ketchup. The horror!

All the parents of these kids share one thing - a young age. In view of decent people, not alcoholics and Gopnik, but apparently they themselves still do not have a brain, that's not hovering about what will happen to their children. It seems everything they say, eat so bad, that it is necessary to monitor weight, cholesterol, pressure and state of health. Even in schools try as little as possible to feed this food. Enter special programs, campaigning for a healthy lifestyle and develop the sport in full. Still, people regularly punctually goes to eat at McDonald's and other similar fast food, and leads to their children.

McDonald's certainly not a saint, too, and luring to his low prices, toys and playgrounds, but in the mouth, it is people do not put their own food. It is their informed choice. Yes, and the menu they have, what to choose as a last resort, not to eat much fried and salty. But choosing the most harmful. How can we explain to people seemingly simple things perfectly clear. What should be done, so they deliberately stopped eating because no one knows.

Even I was surprised by a Chinese woman who had come to McDonald's to read the Bible and come from Russia, students who ate not only clean up the table. All the rest is removed without question.

P.S. on the theme of food. Recently, Casey Neistat shot a short film for the project The New York Times about the number of calories in food New Yorkers. Department of Health requires that such data were all the dishes, and they are there, but it turns out that no one keeps track of how much they correspond to reality. The result was that the people themselves not knowing that one day consume more calories than they think. Casey on the example of their regular daily diet showed that eats everything else one Big Mac or its equivalent in calories. Although that eats itself Casey I do not very much, and I agree. Stupidly counting calories is not the solution. We still have the right to choose food and diet.

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