They were married in '62 and died in one day. His last words struck me deeply.

They met 62 years ago and have been in love from the first moment until the last. This is a story of love that could only create life itself!

Maxine and Don met in 1952 and immediately fell in love.

After a few years, their love was the same as in the early days.

They got married and adopted two children. Even after many years, their eyes still shone with love. B>

They love even the age is not a hindrance. Don all as proud as he was lucky. B>

He gently holds the hand of his beloved.

Even the time did not stop their love.

Until recently, they were not just a couple - they were the best of friends - the union of which everyone dreams.

On his deathbed, they were holding hands. His last moments on Earth, they were together. B>

Don succumbed to his beloved Maxine - she died first. Shortly after her body was taken away from the room, he also went to the other world. B>

His last words were: «This is my lovely wife!» i> Having said that, he smiled contentedly. These were the last words that I heard Maxine. B>

A love that lasts forever.

Each person can consider himself lucky when he has such a love. Success and money does not matter. If you found your love, then you're really happy.

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