Do not lose your faith in love! These pathetic picture once again prove to you its strength.

What is love? Everyone has their own answer to this difficult question. And if you still believe that love - it is banal, then you should look at this photo. They will change your ideas about this feeling of love!

«In love the winner who won the love». i> (Sanayi)

Her husband died, but she still dines every day with him.

«Who ever loved - love a tomorrow, and who love - fall in love again tomorrow». i> (Claudian)

French Kiss fans before the match of the national team with a team of Ukraine in the European Football Championship.

«Love - it's not crazy. Is it appropriate to do here the word "mind"? It is both light and darkness, and the end edge of which will never be. And no one can escape the mysterious force ». I> (Carl Gustav Jung)

Children, too, know how to love.

«Love - the beginning and end of our existence. No love no life. That is why love is that bows before what a wise man ». I> (Confucius)

Love, as you can see, for all ages.

«Love - see man as God intended it and did not realize parents». i> (Marina Tsvetaeva)

Couple Filipinos not canceled the wedding because of flooding.

«From love there is only one remedy: to love even more». i> (Henry David Thoreau)

Students of the Scottish University of St Andrews kissing during a fight foam.

«If love lives in us, we are eternal». i> (Heinrich Heine)

Young couple riding on a swing in the park.

«The only valuable thing you have left in this world - this is love. More than anything ». I> (J. Adam. Jackson)

They are happy to discover that their family archives survived the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

«Love is stronger than death and fear of death. Only it just keeps love and life moves ». I> (Ivan Turgenev)

Father and daughter recreated the wedding photos after the death of his mother.

«It always seems that love us for what we are good. But do not realize that love us because he is good, those who love us ». I> (Leo Tolstoy)

Even after so many years, he brings flowers to his beloved.

«Love - is when someone can bring back the man himself». i> (Ray Bradbury)

He is learning the alphabet with his lover after she lost her memory.

«For the love of the deity would not do if it does not often work wonders». i> (Antoine Prevost)

Love is in the distance. Two photographer fell in love and created a photographic project about his love, though not seen each other in reality.

«Love - means to fight tirelessly with thousands of obstacles in ourselves and around us». i> (Jean Anouilh)

He tries to stop a couple kissing near the Parliament building in the Moroccan capital Rabat. His kiss they protest against laws that prohibit such displays of affection in public places.

«In my youth we live, to love; in adulthood we love to live ». i> (Charles de Saint-Evremon)

This is their first wedding photo for the first 88 years of marriage!

«When you stop burning love, other people begin to freeze from the cold». i> (St. Vincent de Paul)

Environmental activists are taking a sunbath on one of the fjords of Norway.

«Anyone fate of love is fighting back». i> (Mikhail Bulgakov)

Taylor Morris, who had lost limbs because of the explosion of the war, and his wife Daniella.Kak see, they are happy.

«In love there is no age, it is always new». i> (Blaise Pascal)

98-year-old Donald Smiterman kisses his wife Marlene after the dance.

«True love is manifested in misery. As the light, the brighter it shines, the darker the night haze ». I> (Leonardo da Vinci)

Couple standing on the ruins of his house destroyed by a tornado. They believe they will build their lives anew.

«Love - this is all that we have, and only love can we help each other». i> (Euripides)

The photo was taken during the riots in Vancouver.

Love is contagious. It has infected their friends by sharing these photos!

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