Priceless gift for his beloved daughter: 50 wise advice that you will remember for a lifetime.

Gina Majors, like any mother, wants her two daughters, only happiness. One of the girls will soon turn 18, because Gina decided to make for the beloved daughter of a priceless gift. The woman, from her own life experience and acquired wisdom, has compiled a list of 50 tips that daughter will carry through life. Perhaps you will find in this list something useful for themselves and for their child:

1. Love primarily itself. So you can truly love others. I>

2. Be prepared for the fact that the high school - is a small model of life, but it does not reflect real life in full. I>

3. In life, you will meet a lot of trashy girls. Hold yourself with dignity and pass by. I>

4. A true friend is always at a premium. If you found this, you try not to lose. I>

5. I do not judge, but be prepared for what you will be judged. Cheer up, baby. I>

6. On any issue does not converge light wedge. Get up and move on. I>

7. Things will not make you happy. I>

8. Give more time to his grandmother. Get to know her. I>

9. Few things are worth fighting for them. Choose your basic battle. I>

10. Say, if you want. I>

11. Always be honest. I>

12. Know how to say "no┬╗. I>

13. Never compare yourself to others. We are all different, each has its own way. I>

14. Do not be afraid of loneliness. Know how to be happy and alone, then you can fully enjoy life and others. I>

15. Be yourself. No matter how much you love a person, try not to lose yourself. I>

16. Do not be afraid to fail. Only the vital kicks can you really learn something. I>

17. Never chase the man. If he wants, he will find you. I>

18. Do you have an important mission - to write his own life story. Try to fill it happy and bright events. I>

19. Learn to accept compliments. Do not lose faith in yourself. I>

20. You can argue, but remember Rule 9. I>

21. Never be afraid to show what you feel. I>

22. Always trust your instincts! I>

23. Try to see the beauty in everything. I>

24. Be polite. I>

25. You owed nothing to anybody. You - not someone's property! I>

26. I never miss an opportunity to read the next book. Knowledge makes you stronger. I>

27. If you come home to the guy and saw the books in his home - run away. I>

28. Be able to always stand up for themselves. I>

29. I know how to thank. I>

30. Do not hide your feelings. Learn how to express them. I>

31. Never lose the people who love you. I>

32. Help others. This will bring you happiness! I>

33. Never sent to the Internet the information that you could not be placed on the first page of the city newspaper. I>

34. Actions more eloquent than words. I>

35. Cry when you want. Find in this new strength. I>

36. Wear sunscreen! I>

37. The house - a place where you love and expect, and not where you live. I>

38. Apologize first - it does not mean showing weakness. I>

39. Listen to music at full volume and dance! I>

40. Laughter - the best medicine for the soul. I>

41. Work, work and work again! Try to support themselves. I>

42. Always go through life with your head held high. I>

43. Be careful with words. The words can hurt. I>

44. You are independent and self-sufficient! I>

45. I'll always be there. You can count on me at any time and in any situation. I>

46. I know sometimes you hate me, but I always love you. I>

47. Remember again, I will always love you. I>

48. You are capable of more than you think. I>

49. You're beautiful, and do not let anyone make you feel differently. I>

50. Live here and now. I am happy today. I>

Surely you find there is something valuable. Share these tips with wise men you indifferent.

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