He was 70, but he is one of the most famous bodybuilder in the world. The amazing story!

Sam "Sonny" Bryant - 70-year-old bodybuilder, who never misses a competition with the sport. Now his opponents almost doubled under him, but it does not stop Sam towards the goal. He claims that doing things you love, feels much younger than his years.

«People often ask me where I'm going to retire? My answer is: "Never!» I> - he says. - Among older people more likely to die, those that have retired. I love working, I love to do. I am a "swing" for 27 years ». I>

Sam started bodybuilding. when he was 44 years old. Now he works the night shift as a forklift operator and twice daily visits the gym to maintain his body, which brought him more titles and trophies than he could count.

When asked how he manages to stay in such a form, Bryant responds: «If you start thinking about what you - the old, the mind takes this idea and your body really starts to get old. The reason I just do not think this ». I>

Willpower Sam can only envy. Share with your friends tseleutremlёnnogo history of this person.



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