The artist, transforming sketches 2-year-old daughter in a beautiful picture. Lovely creative tandem!

Now my baby 2 years. She had taken a keen interest in art, especially when they see my drawings. I look forward to when she gets older, and we will be able to cooperate with it and create joint projects. But while I decided not to waste time and see what I could do with some of her children's drawings.

We started cooperation: My 2-year-old daughter with the help of ink creates a sketch that I eventually turns into a watercolor painting. She makes sketches on their own without anyone's guidance. I just use it as a creative inspiration for his new job.

I try to work quickly and do not take things seriously, to my imagination displayed in the painting. I draw the first thing that comes to mind. So I encourage the contribution of Eve, not making our work together in the figure of "adult". As Pablo Picasso said: «All life is to learn to draw like a child paints». I> Fortunately, my daughter, I can reiterate that. Eve lets me see the world through her eyes!

Lady and Fox

Large Owl


The Red Boat

Dream bookworm

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