20 useful tips for all occasions. Now I have no life, but a fairy tale!

You live in constant tension, and even the little things in life take up your time, energy, and cause nothing but problems? The editors gathered for you 20 useful tips for all occasions. Do not be afraid to simplify your life, because no one of you will not do it ... Live it easy and let everyone wonder how you do it!

If you can not, how to smear the butter? Great idea for fans of sandwiches! Sodium it on grater and spread on a slice of bread. B>

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To sponge for washing dishes was clean and dry, purchase special holder for sponge.

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ceased to want to listen to music while untangling the headphones? Twists them this way and you no longer will have to get out of his pocket tangled headphones. B>

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Make a surprise: keep your money in a jacket pocket and try to forget about them. The next season, when will dress the same jacket, you'll be pleasantly surprised. B>

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Before you get into a taxi, note the number in case you forget something in the car. It will save your time! B>


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