20 useful tips for all occasions. Now I have no life, but a fairy tale!

You live in constant tension, and even the little things in life take up your time, energy, and cause nothing but problems? The editors gathered for you 20 useful tips for all occasions. Do not be afraid to simplify your life, because no one of you will not do it ... Live it easy and let everyone wonder how you do it!

If you can not, how to smear the butter? Great idea for fans of sandwiches! Sodium it on grater and spread on a slice of bread. B>

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To sponge for washing dishes was clean and dry, purchase special holder for sponge.

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ceased to want to listen to music while untangling the headphones? Twists them this way and you no longer will have to get out of his pocket tangled headphones. B>

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Make a surprise: keep your money in a jacket pocket and try to forget about them. The next season, when will dress the same jacket, you'll be pleasantly surprised. B>

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Before you get into a taxi, note the number in case you forget something in the car. It will save your time! B>

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You shake before some important event? Go to the gym - relax and lift your mood. Besides, being in good shape, you feel more confident. B>

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is interested in painting, photography, and maybe you have a favorite artist? Hang any liked your picture on the wall in his room and thus decorate your own living space! B>

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Nostalgia for childhood? What, for example, prevents you to play your favorite childhood game? Gather your friends and go for it! B>

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It's no secret that the books make us wiser. Develop yourself, take it a habit each night to read at least a few pages of fascinating book before bedtime. B>

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Ever since primary school do not you wear line in the box, right? But sometimes you still feel it is necessary. Measure your hand to in the future to easily measure any object anywhere, when you do not have a ruler. B>

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I want something new. Start changing your life with little things: Change your usual route to work. You'll see, your mood will improve and the working day will be much more productive. B>

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write more: on a laptop notebook - all the same! This will help you learn how to beautifully express thoughts and build their own statements. B>

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Do beloved and loved one unexpected surprise. Give him something just like that, after all the care and attention do not require causes and conditions. B>

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Bring the things around them in order. To balance everything out, you can create harmony within yourself. B>

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10 keys on one bunch? Hurry up and you can not find the right key? Coat them in different colors. Convenient and pleases the eye! B>

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For days only and do what draish of all pans ... Save your beautiful pen: type in a pan of soapy water and set it on the stove - the results are amazing!

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Drink a glass of water immediately after waking up. It will balance the body works and saturate it with the necessary moisture after sleep. B>

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Invite you meet a person for dinner. What kind of life?! B>

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Sleep - is the key to a productive and healthy body function. Sleep 8 hours a day. Do not deny yourself the pleasure! B>

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It's always nice to go to bed in a clean bed. Change your bedding, it makes you more relaxed before going to bed and sleep soundly. B>

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Love yourself and do not complicate the lives of others. Take a mental note of these tips, they greatly simplify your life! Share them with your best friends.

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