On the International Day of smiles! Postpone everything and smile!

World - is a mirror in which we see reflected. What message are you carrying around, the same response you get in return. Remind yourself of this often. Waking up in the morning, smile at her reflection and start the day on a positive note! After all, every one of us will be there that day just a little brighter. Lighten his beaming around the world.

Leave behind a mountain of problems, learn to accept defeat with a smile, forget about all the bad and just smile. The team congratulates you on the International Day of smiles and wants you to always stay positive! As a gift edition presents light verse by Alexander Glushakova that will make you broke into a smile.

Let's just smile i>

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Smile distribute random people i>

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That is not for nothing, and for a quarter i>

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And just like their smile will i>

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And it will all, of course, light i>

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From the sunny and sincere smiles i>

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And maybe even a little warmer i>

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And the sun will draw a flock of fish on a warm, from the cracks in the mesh wall i>

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And on the floor and on the grass, and even i>

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Maybe someone will smile to me i>

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I also smile, and the wind will link unseen thread soul i>

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Pieces of the sun on the main roads i>

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Love, cry, breathe or not to breathe i>

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But the smile, hear, for God's sake i>

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Learn to not only receive but also to give. Smile genuinely to others and you will get a burst of energy and happiness in return. Do not forget to congratulate your friends with this positive day!

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