That's for the Russian sound from the Americans, the British and the Indians! A masterpiece of humor!

Garik Kharlamov Garik Martirosyan and Andrei Skorokhod played pretty funny and familiar to every citizen of the Russian-speaking situation where he faces with the sounds of English speech of foreigners.

On a visit to American radio host George McAllister came to English music producer Mike Scofield. With him also visited the radio studio of his protege - the young Indian musical talent, which gives great hope for a successful music career. Only problem is that none of them could understand the other. The reason for all - an insurmountable barrier accent.

All complain of slurred speech and conjoint Americans, but, English producer, probably too closely associated with India's rising star - it is simply impossible to understand the conversation! Lead is already beside himself ... He still comes right to the point where meets with Indian budding singer. His name - nevygovarivaemoe so McAllister decided to simply call Jimmy. But that's not all, the studio calling Russian! His name is Vladislav Z. Skorobogatko. That's the irony of fate, he is a teacher of English, but in a conversation you could not tell! George McAllister just beside himself with rage. This begs the question: in the studio at least someone knows English ?! No bottles or a qualified interpreter can not do ... Tomorrow, the studio guest will come from Zimbabwe. Just imagine what would happen! Tolerance of the tolerant broadcaster can only envy ...

I was crying with laughter, how the familiar situation! These long familiar Comedy Club residents with a sense of humor, as always, everything is fine! I laughed in earnest! Share this incredibly funny videos with their friends.


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