I never believe what's doing this 6-year-old girl in a duel ...

It would seem that this competition between the two boys, break-dancers. But no. You take a closer look to the small gray suit: in fact, a child who is so masterly owns his body - a girl. This 6-year-old prodigy named Terra. It - one of the smallest, yet the most talented members of the breakdance group "Soul Mavericks» («Soul Mavericks») from the UK. Vigorous trips on stage coups quick and childishly precise movements to the rhythm of the music - its secret tools. Thanks to them, Terra easily slays everyone and attracts the attention of the audience.

In the video - contest "Battle Of Shelah» («Chelles Battle Pro»), Paris, March 2, 2013.

Movement of crumbs - just great! I think that not all adults are break-dancers to dance.

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