The rich father sent his son to the village. This event changed his life forever ...

Once, a rich Chinese man sent his son to the countryside, that he learned what poverty is. He spent three days in the village family, and when he returned home, he and his father had such a conversation.

Father said: «Well, whatever it was?» I>

The son replied: «I like». I>

«What is different is their home away from our home?», i> - the father asked.

«Oh, a lot of differences! - i> son exclaimed enthusiastically. He continued: - We have a dog at home alone, and they have - four. In our pool purified water, and they have a very large pond with a fresh and clear water, in which even with fish! Our garden is illuminated by lights, while their fields at night illuminate the moon and stars. Our garden is surrounded by walls, and their - boundless. It seems that their garden extends to the horizon. At home we listen to music on CDs, as they listen to the birds and other sounds of nature. Our house is surrounded by walls, and they are always welcome, so the door of their house are always open. In the cities, we are connected by mobile phones and computers, and there are people maintain close contact with each other and with nature ». I>

My father was very surprised by the words his son.

«Dad, thank you, it made me realize how poor we really are», i> - said the son.

Our life, happiness and nature around - that's something that can not be bought with money. Why are things that can be bought for money, they are considered more valuable than those who can not buy even the most enormous sums?

When you start to appreciate the people around and what you have, you stop chasing wealth, because you realize that you have everything you need.

If you are rich, then ask yourself these questions: "I become more and more cut off from friends, family and the world? Do I need more than just because I want more? »

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