This gave the kiddies to try some products for the first time in my life. Their reaction is indescribable!

Certainly each of us have childhood memories associated with food. Someone always remember the first time I ate a pickle, and someone opening chili pepper still appears in nightmares. We are all different and we all feel in their own way.

Recently, the network has a great video that reminds us of our childhood and causes a lot of emotion. In it the little kids trying some products for the first time in my life. Kids in turn offered anchovies, pasta Vegemite (an Australian national cuisine), orange, pickled onions, olives, lemon, pickles and yogurt. The creators of the movie used the effect of slowing down, so that the audience could better see the reaction of the kids. What they are cute and funny, look!

It seems someone had better luck, and someone -That - less. In particular, a boy who eats a lemon for the first time seems to remember this terrible event for a long time, and the girl, try yogurt, probably now want to eat it every day. It is a pity that in our childhood did not remove these videos ...

Do not forget to share your videos with friends, after all look at these kids - a pleasure!


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