Our childhood seems the Stone Age to the modern student. But those were wonderful times!

Today's younger generation can not imagine life without a computer and a mobile phone. Instead of walking in the yard, children spend hours playing video games, and communicate in social networks. The boys do not want to play with conventional machines, and the girls do not touch the models of dolls that have not "in vogue." Older people shake their heads, saying, "We have all been different." So what is it that has changed?

Our childhood was not innovation, but that does not make it any less interesting. We are well managed without computers and game consoles, mobile phones and the Internet. We had no idea that such a satellite TV. Every time we rushed home to watch a cartoon, he heard the familiar sounds of the nearest window and get great pleasure from every viewing.

We had no need for mobile phones. To see a friend, we just came to his house and rang the doorbell. Our mother did not consider it necessary to monitor every step in the streets. We just went for a walk in the yard, spent the whole day there, looking only for lunch, and it was absolutely fine.

We had no clever toys, but lacked imagination and the desire to build something from the materials at hand. We were happy when our fathers did for us toys with their own hands, because this was not nobody else!

If you look at our childhood modern look, it may seem that it was full of dangers. We disappeared for days on the street, riding a bike without a helmet, stole apples from the garden and ate them unwashed. We ourselves were making themselves scooters and carts and tested their strength, with rolling hills. We drank lemonade from one bottle, and no one was afraid to catch anything.

Of course, there were fights and there were bruises. We could fall, bruise or cut yourself, but no one was blowing from that tragedy and not looking for culprits in the first counter. They were to blame ourselves. And we ourselves bear responsibility for their actions.

Our childhood was carefree, but it has taught us to be bold and independent. So why now everything is completely different? Why is everything suddenly became so dangerous for our children? It's hard to say for sure. We can only hope that the younger generation will be able to stand up for themselves in the ever-evolving digital world.

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