The best wish that you could get for the New Year. His advice to change your whole life!

Normally, people's wishes for the New Year are not very original. All tend to wish happiness, health, and that the next year was better than the previous. No, I'm not in any way do not want to say it's bad wishes, the main thing - that it came from the heart. The famous English fantasy writer Neil Gaiman has prepared a very unusual wish that goes beyond the usual. This usually does not wish for the New Year ... You can even think, "How it has managed to do is to wish?" But this is the best piece of advice for the life of each of us, because that's what he can finally change all our lives ...

«I Iskrin hope that this year you will make a lot of mistakes ... i>

If you make mistakes, then you're doing and you try something new, you learn, live, go ahead, do not stand in place, to change ourselves and change the world around them. Perhaps you are faced with things that you never had to do before, but the main thing - you do something! I>

Yes, this is my you and we all wish for ... Do not believe me, but I wish myself the same. Make new mistakes. Do the great and wonderful bugs! Make no mistake, that no one before you did. Nothing should stop you along the way! Do not worry, if something is in the works, love, work or family do not go the way you want. I>

Do all what are you most afraid of! i>

Do the more mistakes, not only next year, but throughout his life. i>

Neil Gaiman » i>

Admit it, this wish is discouraging, but, in the end, we all understand: mistaken who does something. Errors - this movement is the way to self-improvement, so do not be afraid of them. Make mistakes and benefit from their life lessons, live and be happy life. Share this precious wish of all the people you love!


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