14 most bizarre colors, invented by Mother Nature. Her imagination is boundless!

Mother Nature never ceases to surprise us. It seems that her imagination is boundless. What did not meet among her creations: bright colors, strange shapes that are very unexpected and unfamiliar to the human eye. Just like flowers, which we now show.

Orchid - ballerina

Skull in helmet

Flying Pigeon (Habenaria Radiata)

Parrots (Impatiens Psittacina)

Orchid - a naked man (Orchis Italica)

Orchid - moles (Phalaenopsis)

Orchid - laughing bumblebee (Ophrys bomybliflora)

Good aliens

Orchid with monkey muzzle (Dracula Simia)

Babies in diapers (Anguloa Uniflora)

lips, waiting for a kiss (Psychotria Elata)

Orchid - flying duck

Dancing Girls (Impatiens Bequaertii)

Admit it, the flowers - just lovely! To see their unusual shape, even the imagination is not necessary to connect - all in the mind. So we can just watch and enjoy the beautiful creations of nature.

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