This foal from birth, was condemned to death. Now look at what made this woman ...

When it comes to breeding farms, you usually imagine cows, chickens, pigs and rabbits. But you could not come to mind, and that there are farms where horses are bred, condemning many of them to death.

"Why?" - You ask. Yes, because all these animals are bred to participate in horse racing. And every time you deposit money to bet on a racehorse, you support the death of innocent foals and breeding horses that are born to die. For horse racing there are huge amounts of money, so breeders are doing everything possible so that the offspring of mares price rose to dizzying numbers. During feeding a newborn filly can not usually give birth to one foal. And what do breeders of horses - pure evil.

Under natural conditions, the baby gradually stops drinking milk. On farms, things are different: colts taken from his mother at about 6 months. But that early weaning is very harmful to children. This future is reflected in their psyche. These horses will melt more nervous and timid than their congeners, which are gradually weaned from the mother.

Not every horse can be a racehorse. So what happens with all the offspring? Many of them are born, roughly speaking, to die. But in the world have at least one woman who works hard to still save the life of these kids. Her name is Victoria Goss. How Victoria herself remembers most of her life she gave the rescue horses. In 2008, Goss began an active campaign to protect animals "Last Chance» (Last Chance Corral), to save the life of this innocent useless kids.

And here is the incredible story of this brave and unique woman.

Victoria Goss has 12 years of experience in horse haven. She founded the movement "Last Chance» (Last Chance Corral) in Athens, USA, Ohio, about 35 years ago. Despite the huge costs, all as a woman engaged in horse breeding and with the help of all concerned is still a good thing. Victoria works with many farms for the breeding of horses and takes out useless foals, condemned to death. «I want to be a lawyer for these animals, because they have, in fact, except for me, no one», i> - says Victoria.

This good-hearted woman can only admire. Among the general indifference and the pursuit of profit, it has managed to remain a man and saves those who no one else to save. Do not be indifferent to the problem of horse racing. Your friends should also be aware of this - tell them this story.


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