That's what I understand - fashion! 22 amazing dresses that created by nature itself.

If you are tormented by a creative crisis, and you do not know where to find a source of inspiration - look for it in the lap of nature. Nature - is an integral part of human nature, a storehouse of ideas, vitality and energy. The beauty that surrounds us, and pushed the talented and creative Lily Khudyakov to create stunning collage of the project «Fashion & Nature». These awesome paintings presented creative symbiosis of man and nature. There is a feeling that Mother Nature herself sketching these amazing fashion outfits. The perfect combination of color, texture, cut; a game of colors and shapes; beautiful girl in the divine dresses inspired by nature itself - for example, what could be better ?!

Northern Lights

The starry sky in the forest

The deafening thunder

all colors of the hills

The boiling lava

Aristocracy in nature

Pink sunset

Night flicker

Labyrinth rice fields

Autumn Blues

The ocean floor

Bubble Ocean

Flower tenderness

Serenity water

North coolness

An elegant color shades

Red splash

Step slopes

in the turquoise Red

Juicy fuchsia

The spacious lavender fields

Heavenly Paradise

When you look at these masterpieces, then immediately slips the idea that fashion - it is also a kind of art. Show this delightful collection of your friends - they will love it!


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