In China, people selling animals in the form of trinkets. The monstrous cruelty!

China - a rich country with a great lot of traditions, customs and habits, incomprehensible to outsiders. Unfortunately, one of the latest trends in the Chinese street fashion is not just incomprehensible, but disgusting. Now China popular are key chains, consisting of the sealed plastic bags with colored water and a small animal inside. Fish, lizards, turtles - merchants happy to offer the customer the "stuffing" for every taste. Just think - for the whim of man and other dollar-income people, in fact, condemn the unfortunate animal to a painful death from suffocation or starvation. And it believes that the key is to bring good luck!

This here brelochek worth one dollar.

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crystallized oxygen and nutrients in the animal enough for a few days.

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This product can be purchased at metro stations and stations of most major cities.

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These turtles are doomed.

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After the supply of oxygen and nutrients is exhausted, the animal to be painful death.

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Chinese animal rights activists have called this cruel and inhuman practice.

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However, traders did not stop charms. These accessories are becoming increasingly popular among young people, which considers them to be all the rage. B>

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Cruel? Not that word! Unfortunately, in the near term progress for the better can not wait. So far, the Chinese government will not say its word, brutal killings of millions of defenseless animals will continue. Share this article with a friend - people need to know about this!


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