15 photos of stray cats before and after the miraculous rescue. Look, that is capable of human care!

Every day, hurry hurry to work, going to the store or just walking down the street, we often do not notice those who need our help. And those poor wretches are not only people, but also our smaller brethren. Unfortunately, nowadays most people are indifferent to the suffering of animals. Look carefully at the sides, the next time will be in the street. Perhaps some stray dog ​​or the cat needs your help! After all, there are many cases where people are generous and kind Braveheart unfortunate animals rescued from death, for which four-legged friends were incredibly grateful to them.

Today online magazine brought to you pictures, after which you begin to believe in miracles. In the pictures you will see seals who needed assistance and whose lives are threatened. Good people could not leave the poor things dying on the street, so the orphanage came out, recover and put his feet baleen Krasavchikov. Result custody - there! Here is what can work love, affection and care.

1. Justin - the lucky ones who have saved during the fire. B>

2. When the shelter for homeless animals tossed a box of kittens, staff found that only one of the four-legged alive, but blind. 6 months custody good people - and the kitten does not know! B>

3. Little Bunny found with multiple injuries after a strong electric shock. A couple of months - and it is as good as new! B>

4. This cat has suffered from the fact that climbed into the car engine to keep warm when the car started. As you can see, thanks to the care of people who care about the animal in perfect order. B>

5. Little Kitty was found half-dead. I can not believe, in the photo on the right - miraculously surviving animal in a month. Kindness will save the world! B>

6. Cat Kodama was dying in her eyes as her body had multiple wounds, which bred worms. Look at it six years later - happier animal is not found. B>

7. Baby Louis is stuck in a drainpipe, when he was only two weeks old. Look, now he's just the king of the house! B>

8. Look, look how this cat before and after salvation. The difference is impressive! B>

9. This homeless poor thing had to soak in the rain on the street. Take a good look at his eyes in the photo to the right - thanks animal has no borders! B>

10. It seemed that this cat has no good shines ... But now her life is in good hands! B>

11. Little Stuart Little was found on the street, when he was only a few days. It's crazy how this tiny "worm" turned into a beautiful Fluffy. Kind people gave him a chance to live. B>

12. Scout was thin, ragged, useless cat. But everything changed when the animal was in good hands. Year caring - and beautiful cat could not be found! B>

13. This ball of wool once passionately suffering from an infection in the eye. Now it is the most lovely furry creature that I have ever seen! B>

14. After Spider cat accidentally fell into the sewer, he was terribly frightened and did not go to the contact. A couple of months of healing - and the animal again enjoys life! B>

15. Accident Duncan once hit by a car. It's incredible, it looks like a cat in a year after the rescue. B>

After these photos unwittingly come to the conclusion that the world - is not such a bad place, just in it there are still good people who can save someone's life. I hope these pictures full dot the "i", if you previously thought to help some homeless animals, but it does not dare. Just look into the eyes of an animal rescue - they are full of gratitude, love and tenderness.

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