For more than 75 years, every new mother in Finland gets a miracle box. We would like that!

Every woman who has a child knows how much money is spent on daily expenses, when the baby comes home. It seems to be bought for detail everything you need, and have rushed into the bank. The Finnish government is serious about the issue of childbirth and cares about its citizens, so for more than 75 years, it gives a souped mothers a very useful box that contains an initial set of parents: diapers, diapers, sliders, clothing, toys and other necessary charm. It is interesting to note that the box, which is given as a gift, you can even use as a bed for the crumbs.

Mother offer to make a choice: to accept or receive a box of 140 euros in cash. In truth, 95% of pregnant women still choose the box, as the price of its content is much higher than the above amount.

This wonderful tradition began back in 1938. Then Finland was a poor country with a high level of child mortality. Initially these boxes State granted only to poor families, but in 1949 began to receive such a gift to all young families. This public course is aimed at making all the children equal. No matter to what social class they belong to parents, kids from birth receive equal rights.

It is believed that these children's boxes have helped Finland reach one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world. It's a great role model for all post-Soviet countries, which, in fact, isolated young mothers scarce resources. Such aid from the government creates confidence that your child needs the public. Tell us about this delightful social assistance your friends.

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