Successful or compliant? Secrets of the upbringing of the child, without prejudice to its development.

Unfortunately, some parents are very few think about how they raise their children. Many of them will inherit the example of their parents and think that once they had grown normal people, then a child, these methods will only have a positive impact. But very often led such "techniques" is not the desire to give the child the best of everything, and the need to make it easy and convenient obedient to themselves and others.

To the child grew successful, it is necessary to observe a certain approach to education. These 27 points will acquaint you with the basic principles and rules that will help your baby grow bold, independent, decisive and at the same time happy.

1. The most important issue: "I bring success or obedient?».

2. The child does not listen? Ask yourself another question № 1.

3. Even a very young child knows better than his mother, his heat or cold, hungry or not, whether he likes something or do not like.

4. Children always copy their parents. It makes no sense to blame them for shortcomings that have you.

5. Offer your child a choice more often. For example, what and when to eat, where to go for a walk, play a toy. This develops.

6. If possible, do not shield him from the negative experience. Mistakes are necessary for full development.

7. It is better to insure the baby when possible than to frighten him with all sorts of dangers. (Back to the question number 1).

8. Take care of the child when he can not take care of myself. All feasible task allowing you to perform the most.

9. The best way to teach your baby - do something with it.

10. Share the knowledge and experience to explain how that is done.

11. When a child is ill, leave your sermons with him and make sure he gets enough love and support at this moment.

12. The fact that you're stronger, does not mean that you're all over the rights.

13. If you do not want to baby sit the whole day at the computer, entertain him with something interesting. Send crumbs in those circles and sections, that he himself would like.

14. Love of children - the main thing in the person you choose for the position of nanny, teacher, coach, educator.

15. Pocket money is better to give for his achievements and merits, not just.

16. Respect your child and he will grow a respected man.

17. Quite uncommon for a mess at the same time both parents. If possible, try to protect the child from the machinations of your half.

18. You do not have to know and do everything. Err - normally. There is no point pretending infallible front of the child.

19. When someone is forced to abuse of office and punishing your child, try not to duplicate what has already been done. Best praise where baby nedohvalili.

20. Ask your child questions. Independently found the answer a hundred times more valuable than ready.

21. Do not sacrifice themselves to the child. To find time for themselves and their interests. With this you show the kid a good example.

22. If you give the child enough attention only when he is ill, be prepared for the fact that he will do it more often.

23. The method of carrot and stick for education obedient child, but not successfully.

24. Do not force the child to realize your dreams. It is better to be engaged in their own. Yes, it is possible at any age.

25. If you have something, do not be ashamed to ask for forgiveness from the child.

26. Always keep your word even when he promised to punish. After all, fraud is perceived by the baby is very painful.

27. Who has more than one child knows that psycho-education is stronger.

These simple truths allow you overestimate and improve its own model of education to cultivate a happy and successful child. Share these tips with your friends who have or will soon have children!

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