22 truthful about your postcards and my life. And laugh or cry!

Our life - a piece thin and unpredictable. But whatever you slipped a lemon is not destiny-queer, you always have the choice to succumb to the hectic day or to think where to find a sour tequila and salt well, or at least make him a lemonade. It is clear that the life of each of us - like a zebra, is made up of black and white stripes, of sorrow and joy. Now try to look at everything from a different angle. Did it ever occur to you that you can walk along the slips rather than across? This means that in any, even the most difficult situation you need to find the strength to move on. And in this journey a sense of humor - the best companion. So the joke and laugh more often, and there is always an excuse: salaries, prices, pensions, utilities ...

Today takes on quite a difficult mission - to extend your life a little bit. Catch serving excellent humor hilarious postcards about your and my life. Familiar to tears!

Ah, as they say, life is - hold on! We remind you once again that you yourself - architect of his own fortune, and it all depends on your perception. So soon sent to the guillotine in a bad mood and show the language problems. And do not forget to share these tents postcards to those who you care about. Positive charge has not prevented anyone!

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